Update week 2018-17

Update: 180422

The last two weeks was very silent and we saw some pumps in the BTC price. Those are typical stress tests to test support levels. In the Alt-Coin market EOS moved almost 100% due to an airdrop. There is another airdrop coming. BCH is also moving because of the hardfork. Yes another hardfork. The FORK of the FORK. The price is moving to a ratio of 1:6 with BTC. Looking at the BTC price and market dominance, the price is not going up quickly, most of the new money moves into the Alt-Coins. The TMC is around 400 B and the BTC dominance dropped to 39%

Most likely, the price of BTC will hover between 8.800 and 9.150 and will get another push when there is enough support for the level.