Update 2018-29

This was an interesting week because the price of Bitcoin moved up in a number of steps. Other coins stayed more or less the same. Why this sudden rise? The market watchers believed it was due to a short squeeze. A short squeeze is a term used in financial markets that defines a situation in which a heavily invested asset moves higher, forcing short sellers to cover their losses, creating a sort of snowball effect, pushing the price up and up.

We see a lot of so called “BTC price prediction gurus” in the make: People doing predictions and if they are right afterwards, they will have a credit for future predictions.

One things seems to be sure: BTC will stay for a while and while it is there it builds a better fundament. Liquidity in the market is a concern and that makes the market a gambling area. Can we say this is the casino world  for Billionaires?


Update 2018-28

All the crypto’s are down. TMC is around 245B. Banks are releasing reports on Bitcoin. If even the BIS bank is releasing documentation on crypto’s, then it becomes a sign that the banks are afraid of what is going to happen. The crypto market is unstoppable but not without a fight.

Banks are taking a stake in Exchanges because that is where the real money is being made. Also exchanges are centralized trading places. Centralized = control and manipulation. It is a contradiction: Bitcoin, a decentralized concept is traded in centralized places (Exchanges). As soon as decentralized exchanges are being used, we will see a shift.

The news in general is bearish, the news is not showing real news, and the banks are attacking the crypto world with mis information. In the meantime they are entering this markt (not officially).  There is also an exit from banking people moving toward the crypto world.

One month of BTC, it is moving in the black box (from a bit above 6.800 US$ and now trading at 6.176 US$)

This all tells enough we will get fireworks in the near future.