Bitcoin breakout E180223

It is always interesting when there will be a Bitcoin breakout. A breakout can be upwards or downwards. Currently we have seen Bitcoin coming from almost 6 KUS$ to 12 KUS$. The barrier of 12 KUS$ was to hard to take. It was pushed down and hovers now around 10 KUS$.

Also admitting that the price of Bitcoin also consists partly of emotion and a lot of other ingredients. This is what we will talk about later. Below is a screenshot of the BTC/USD chart 180223, 9:35 CET.

Bitcoin breakout


It is a guess, but if the news is not negative, the breakout will start here. And this Bitcoin breakout will be upwards (starting from 9,851 US$, Coinbase reference).

This is based on the volume, the trending and the small up’s and downs we see. Bitcoin breakout is loadingĀ  for a small bull run to test the resistance of 12 KUS$. This run (when it runs, will take a few days). If there is no little bull run, the price will probably hover around 10 KUS$ for some time.

Rough ride cryptos during XMAS 2017

We have seen a rough ride during XMAS 2017 where the TMC of the cryptos went up to 654 B (1) and then dropped back to 422 B (2), up again to 599 B (3) and then back to 483 B (4) just before XMAS. Happy XMAS, Keep CALM and MOVE ON!

The old kid in town, Ripple, spiked to a TMC share of 146 B with an all time high Ripple price of 3,77 US$. It went up almost 16 times in just 20 days. That means a lot of money moves is and when the money moved out, the price dropped 50% in 5 day’s. The market is overheated and the money doesn’t know where to go. The keywords to invest are: Blockchain, Bitcoin and ICO.


You need strong nerves and knowledge at this moment to act in this market. If you don’t have those, stay away and wait until the crypto market will calm down a bit.



The Bitcoin indicator

The value of the Bitcoin is an important indicator in our current society. It can be seen as an aggregated performance indicator for the new money: value, trust and emotion. Also other components are embedded in this indicator: greed and fear, just to name a few.

If you have not heard about cryptocurrencies, please take a few days off and investigate this further (this website could help you a little bit).

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