Bitcoin breakout E180223

It is always interesting when there will be a Bitcoin breakout. A breakout can be upwards or downwards. Currently we have seen Bitcoin coming from almost 6 KUS$ to 12 KUS$. The barrier of 12 KUS$ was to hard to take. It was pushed down and hovers now around 10 KUS$.

Also admitting that the price of Bitcoin also consists partly of emotion and a lot of other ingredients. This is what we will talk about later. Below is a screenshot of the BTC/USD chart 180223, 9:35 CET.

Bitcoin breakout


It is a guess, but if the news is not negative, the breakout will start here. And this Bitcoin breakout will be upwards (starting from 9,851 US$, Coinbase reference).

This is based on the volume, the trending and the small up’s and downs we see. Bitcoin breakout is loadingĀ  for a small bull run to test the resistance of 12 KUS$. This run (when it runs, will take a few days). If there is no little bull run, the price will probably hover around 10 KUS$ for some time.