Update 2018-49

This week an update of what going on.

What we see this week is the expected drop. Everyone was hoping the price goes up but the drop happened. Now we are around 4.000 US$

The ratio BTC / BCH is now 22. It is expected that this ratio will drop further. The battle, manipulation  and forks with BCH will not do good to this market. It will disrupt the trust in crypto and once the speculators see whats happening, it will be dropped. The only crypto that will be adopted as a special asset class by the existing trading firms and investment firms will be Bitcoin.

If you look at Litecoin, the lighter version of Bitcoin, the ration 1:4 is not a ratio that should be taken for the price. This is wishful thinking. Current ratio is around 1:130

Litecoin will be interesting if Bitcoin is adopted or BTC goes back up considerably. The old ratio was 1:67

The number of transactions (volume) for BCH is dramatic, it is less that 1/10 of the Litecoin. Conclusion: BCH seems a dead horse.

Interesting to see tether is trading in huge quantities (1.88 times the total market cap). Is tether keeping to price down or stable at 4.000 USD for one BTC?

The TOP10 trading cryptos are: BTC, ETH, XRP, LTC, EOS, DASH, ETC, NEO, ZEC and QTUM.

USDT is not included because this is not a free crypto. It is pegged (what they say) to the USD.

Update 2018-29

This was an interesting week because the price of Bitcoin moved up in a number of steps. Other coins stayed more or less the same. Why this sudden rise? The market watchers believed it was due to a short squeeze. A short squeeze is a term used in financial markets that defines a situation in which a heavily invested asset moves higher, forcing short sellers to cover their losses, creating a sort of snowball effect, pushing the price up and up.

We see a lot of so called “BTC price prediction gurus” in the make: People doing predictions and if they are right afterwards, they will have a credit for future predictions.

One things seems to be sure: BTC will stay for a while and while it is there it builds a better fundament. Liquidity in the market is a concern and that makes the market a gambling area. Can we say this is the casino world  for Billionaires?


Update 2018-24

Because not much is happening, the weekly updates are once per 2 or 3 weeks. At this moment the market is bearish. There is still a lot happening on the background (technology). The owners of cryptos are divided in large investors and the small investors. Exchanges are for the small investors and there is a belief that the real value of certain cryptos is an OTC value on the black market.

Large investors can manipulate the market quickly and take a lot of profit from the small investors. If you know the market is manipulated and have the time to OutSmart the big players, this is your change but be careful, even the big ones can loose a lot of money because they play against each other like an online poker game.