Update 2018-49

This week an update of what going on.

What we see this week is the expected drop. Everyone was hoping the price goes up but the drop happened. Now we are around 4.000 US$

The ratio BTC / BCH is now 22. It is expected that this ratio will drop further. The battle, manipulation  and forks with BCH will not do good to this market. It will disrupt the trust in crypto and once the speculators see whats happening, it will be dropped. The only crypto that will be adopted as a special asset class by the existing trading firms and investment firms will be Bitcoin.

If you look at Litecoin, the lighter version of Bitcoin, the ration 1:4 is not a ratio that should be taken for the price. This is wishful thinking. Current ratio is around 1:130

Litecoin will be interesting if Bitcoin is adopted or BTC goes back up considerably. The old ratio was 1:67

The number of transactions (volume) for BCH is dramatic, it is less that 1/10 of the Litecoin. Conclusion: BCH seems a dead horse.

Interesting to see tether is trading in huge quantities (1.88 times the total market cap). Is tether keeping to price down or stable at 4.000 USD for one BTC?

The TOP10 trading cryptos are: BTC, ETH, XRP, LTC, EOS, DASH, ETC, NEO, ZEC and QTUM.

USDT is not included because this is not a free crypto. It is pegged (what they say) to the USD.

Update 2018-47

We all know by now that the price of BTC was boring (hovering around 6300) but last week there was a direction and that was down.

The internal war about hashing with Bitcoin Cash didn’t work out very well. Bitcoin Cash will be dumped by a lot of holders.

This supports our previous statement that the complete cryptomarket was driven by the possibility to initiate ICO’s and abusing the Etherium platform.

The upward trend in Etherium was caused by scammers. To get in to the ICO market, you had to buy Bitcoin.

Now the price is around 5.080 US$ and it is expected that the price will drop further.

The price is looking for a bottom but has not found it yet.

Lets forget the expected bull run for this year, this run will not come. We have to wait another year to get something moving. The only thing that can move the crypto market is a financial crisis where Bitcoin can be seen as a digital safe haven. As it was called earlier before: Gold 2.0

It has all the properties of Gold but then better (you can move it fast and storage is for free). The protection is something else 🙂

Lets wait and look what changes will emerge.

CoinMarketCap slow performance and alternatives

If you you have noticed the CoinMarketCap  slow performance, you are looking for alternatives.

Here are a few alternatives:

  1. https://www.livecoinwatch.com/
  2. https://onchainfx.com/
  3. https://cointopper.com/
  4. https://coinkapp.com/
  5. https://coincheckup.com/
  6. https://coinlib.io/coins
  7. https://www.moonstats.com/
  8. https://www.worldcoinindex.com/
  9. https://cryptowat.ch/
  10. https://bitgur.com/
  11. https://blockexplorer.com/market/
  12. https://www.coingecko.com/en


Check it out and enjoy.


Update 2018-37

We have seen a vacation period between end of July until the beginning of September and not much action was seen in the Crypto market. Well Jamie Dimon (CEO JP Morgan) is partly right. Not Bitcoin is a scam, a lot of ICO’s are using the Ethereum platform to create a scams. Those ICO’s pumped the crypto market and Ethereum also took off.Linked to Ethereum (ETC) is Bitcoin as the primary entry point for the crypto market. Currently Ehereum is around 200 US$ but it is expected that this will go further down in this bear market that continues. The BTC dominance is growing and now sitting on 56,2%

OK, legitimate projects are there but those are limited. Good initiatives can be abused. As soon as there is a vulnerability to abuse the system, the scammers will find a way to get your money.

This bear market can go on for several more months. The market is waiting for a number of real indicators to move some new capital into the Crypto market.

What to expect and a few idea’s (items to consider):

  1. Shake out of projects (cryptos) that are not doing anything (the scam projects).
  2. Let platform crypto’s proof what they can do (if faith is gone they take a nose dive). EOS (25% of peak) and NEO (8% of peak) are still pretty stable.
  3. If good projects go down 75% to 90%, what to expect from the rest of the platform tokens?
  4. There is a war on cash.
  5. Cash entering a new asset class is dangerous for the stability of the financial ecosystem.
  6. The SEC is not doing anything to approve ETF and more. More delays are expected.
  7. The move into crypto will build up as the pressure on the financial system increases.
  8. There are a lot of entities manipulating the market with a broad spectrum of instruments.
  9. We have trade wars going on
  10. If money is a commodity you can make it cheaper or more expensive. Interest policy is doing this. The US is increasing the interest but in fact this is not possible.
  11. We have restrictions on export and import (Iran, Turkey)
  12. To centralize a decentralized concept like DLT (Public blockChain) will put away the power.
  13. Exchanges putting the assets of customers in a pool and let them trade in this pool. A separate closed trading sphere is created. Yes Exchanges make the most money in the crypto space without any risk.

There are a large number of strong GEO political forces moving around to find a way out.


A nice YouTube video from Ready Set Crypto:


Update 2018-29

This was an interesting week because the price of Bitcoin moved up in a number of steps. Other coins stayed more or less the same. Why this sudden rise? The market watchers believed it was due to a short squeeze. A short squeeze is a term used in financial markets that defines a situation in which a heavily invested asset moves higher, forcing short sellers to cover their losses, creating a sort of snowball effect, pushing the price up and up.

We see a lot of so called “BTC price prediction gurus” in the make: People doing predictions and if they are right afterwards, they will have a credit for future predictions.

One things seems to be sure: BTC will stay for a while and while it is there it builds a better fundament. Liquidity in the market is a concern and that makes the market a gambling area. Can we say this is the casino world  for Billionaires?


Update 2018-28

All the crypto’s are down. TMC is around 245B. Banks are releasing reports on Bitcoin. If even the BIS bank is releasing documentation on crypto’s, then it becomes a sign that the banks are afraid of what is going to happen. The crypto market is unstoppable but not without a fight.

Banks are taking a stake in Exchanges because that is where the real money is being made. Also exchanges are centralized trading places. Centralized = control and manipulation. It is a contradiction: Bitcoin, a decentralized concept is traded in centralized places (Exchanges). As soon as decentralized exchanges are being used, we will see a shift.

The news in general is bearish, the news is not showing real news, and the banks are attacking the crypto world with mis information. In the meantime they are entering this markt (not officially).  There is also an exit from banking people moving toward the crypto world.

One month of BTC, it is moving in the black box (from a bit above 6.800 US$ and now trading at 6.176 US$)

This all tells enough we will get fireworks in the near future.

Update 2018-24

Because not much is happening, the weekly updates are once per 2 or 3 weeks. At this moment the market is bearish. There is still a lot happening on the background (technology). The owners of cryptos are divided in large investors and the small investors. Exchanges are for the small investors and there is a belief that the real value of certain cryptos is an OTC value on the black market.

Large investors can manipulate the market quickly and take a lot of profit from the small investors. If you know the market is manipulated and have the time to OutSmart the big players, this is your change but be careful, even the big ones can loose a lot of money because they play against each other like an online poker game.

Update week 2018-21

It is still very silent. The Crypto technology moves on, the TMC goes down. It is interesting that one of the persons (Jim Rickards) that talked about currency wars between nations maybe forgot something: BlockChain and Cryptos.

Crypto’s make it possible to create your own money or securities if you like. This is now accessible for a large number of companies that investigate or create their own BlockChain. Nations are trying to compete with several assets they put on their specific BlockChain. This can be oil, gold and other resources.

And from the history we can see that every Money system will be attacked. Every Cryptos will be attacked. This is also what Andreas mentioned in several of his public presentations.

Crypto Manipulation: Spoofing, Trade Washing, Centralization (Exchanges) and many more manipulation techniques.