CoinMarketCap slow performance and alternatives

If you you have noticed the CoinMarketCap  slow performance, you are looking for alternatives.

Here are a few alternatives:



Check it out and enjoy.


Update 2018-37

We have seen a vacation period between end of July until the beginning of September and not much action was seen in the Crypto market. Well Jamie Dimon (CEO JP Morgan) is partly right. Not Bitcoin is a scam, a lot of ICO’s are using the Ethereum platform to create a scams. Those ICO’s pumped the crypto market and Ethereum also took off.Linked to Ethereum (ETC) is Bitcoin as the primary entry point for the crypto market. Currently Ehereum is around 200 US$ but it is expected that this will go further down in this bear market that continues. The BTC dominance is growing and now sitting on 56,2%

OK, legitimate projects are there but those are limited. Good initiatives can be abused. As soon as there is a vulnerability to abuse the system, the scammers will find a way to get your money.

This bear market can go on for several more months. The market is waiting for a number of real indicators to move some new capital into the Crypto market.

What to expect and a few idea’s (items to consider):

  1. Shake out of projects (cryptos) that are not doing anything (the scam projects).
  2. Let platform crypto’s proof what they can do (if faith is gone they take a nose dive). EOS (25% of peak) and NEO (8% of peak) are still pretty stable.
  3. If good projects go down 75% to 90%, what to expect from the rest of the platform tokens?
  4. There is a war on cash.
  5. Cash entering a new asset class is dangerous for the stability of the financial ecosystem.
  6. The SEC is not doing anything to approve ETF and more. More delays are expected.
  7. The move into crypto will build up as the pressure on the financial system increases.
  8. There are a lot of entities manipulating the market with a broad spectrum of instruments.
  9. We have trade wars going on
  10. If money is a commodity you can make it cheaper or more expensive. Interest policy is doing this. The US is increasing the interest but in fact this is not possible.
  11. We have restrictions on export and import (Iran, Turkey)
  12. To centralize a decentralized concept like DLT (Public blockChain) will put away the power.
  13. Exchanges putting the assets of customers in a pool and let them trade in this pool. A separate closed trading sphere is created. Yes Exchanges make the most money in the crypto space without any risk.

There are a large number of strong GEO political forces moving around to find a way out.


A nice YouTube video from Ready Set Crypto: