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Everything about investing, speculating and understanding Cryptocurrencies. This website is intended for people that want to know the background of crypto currencies and cryptos so they can invest based on knowledge and not on gambling like you do in a casino.

We all know Bitcoin is hitting the news every time with new high records and substantial drops. In a few day’s the value can drop 35 to 50%, you really need some nerves. Bitcoin has created a large spin-off in the area of new Cryptocurrencies and that is good for us, but there are also a number of risks. The mid term (January – May 2018)  for most of  the real cryptos is up!

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There are many more alternative coins (other than Bitcoin) out there. Those coins are called Alt-Coins. Investing in those coins could be very interesting. This website provides some background of  what you should know before stepping in this world of new decentralized money. It is really a completely different world. Welcome in the CryptoWorld.

Below: This is just an snapshot how fast it goes in the CryptoWorld

Below I’ve made a small snippet of the existing Total Market Capitalization of the Cryptos. It is amazing!

Date and time stamp: 2017, December 17, 22:25 CET

  1. There are 1,360 types of CryptocurrenciesBitcoin is one of the Top100 cryptos
  2. In total there are 7,553 markets
  3. Total Market Capitalization (TMC) is more than 590 Billion
  4. The Bitcoin dominance is 54,6%
  5. Total trading volume of almost 30 Billion in 24 hours

Market Capitalization Cryptocurrencies

Source: CoinMarketCap

Prediction and the euphoria of end 2017: The total market capitalization grew with 90 Billion per week the (last 4 weeks, until December 18th, this was a real end year really with an end year crash). This is excluding the growth of new cryptos entering the market and getting momentum. Another fact is that a lot of exchanges have closed access to new subscribers or they are slowing down the amount of investments (lower upper limit and minimum investments going up). Once those new users are on board, we can see spikes of 150 Billion gain per week the coming few months (until April 2018). This will set a new (conservative) target for the TMC: we have to add 1 Trillion to the 590 Billion.

Is this really a realistic view or prediction?

Weekly update

Update 180331: The YouTube information dropped substantially. This is an indication that the interest and enthusiasm dropped on a global scale. The price of BTC and other cryptos like Ethereum dropped. When Bitcoin goes down, everything goes down. Ethereum (ETH) is a major crypto that drives the ICO market, it is a ICO platform where smartcontracts and tokens can be created quickly. In the last periode of March, major social media companies (Google, Facebook, Twitter) are blocking ICO advertising. Also MailChimp will take action. If you promote cryptos, you account will be blocked. This process is called the ICO lock. More on this later. Another process that is going on relates to news that enters the market. A lot of news is really no news at all, it is not backed by anything substantial. The problem is, it is one of the forces that drives the market. It can go up or down. Most of the news has a negative bias and seemed to be manipulated. This process is called FUD flooding. More on this later. The good part of all, CRAP and SCAM tokens will find it more difficult to enter the lucrative crypto market. Also the pricing for projects will be more realistic. If it will be more difficult to get money from an ICO. Blockchain projects will have to do a real good job to prepare for fresh money to keep the project going. In the old day’s this process of finding fresh money involves investors and VC’s to enter the company. Another factor that plays a roll are the financial instruments on the market. Those are future contracts. Future contracts have a good and a bad side. Futures can help to stabilize a supply chain. Futures can also be used to manipulate markets. Some people believe that the future market for Bitcoin manipulates the price. And the manipulation is keeping it down.

Update 180328: The market seems to be boring. A lot of YouTube artists have reduced their presentations. The good ones are still out there. At this moment it is searching for information to keep the attention of the subscribers.  What can we expect? Cryptos are here to stay, that is for sure. The regulation that is taking place, will shake out a lot of scam ICO’s and also block new SCAM ICO’s. The lat quarter of 2017 we saw a real increase of ICO’s and the linked cryptos Ethereum and Bitcoin to take off. Now we are in a cool down period, the market is building up for a new run. This run will be triggered by something ans will stop the slow bear market that is taking place. TMC currently sitting around 300 B. A lot of factors can have an impact on the way we go from here. Around 270 B will be a bottom for the cryptos, Money form ICO’s go to Bitcoin and we see the Bitcoin dominance increasing. In the Top10 TMC listing we see only currency related cryptos (BTC, BCH and LTC). Platform cryptos seems to get a stronger Top10 position. The Top10 cryptos that are currency related have a strong market capitalization.

Update 180318: TMC is still going down. Currently sitting at 192 Billion. We had the issue of Mt Cox, the Security and Exchange Commission chasing ICO’s, media prediction of getting even lower  and a general fear of the market going down. From a technology point of view everything is getting better. The Lightning Network is growing. The Bitcoin dominance goes up, meaning less noise of SCAM ICO’s, low cap coins are removed from exchanges, banks are getting in (Goldman Sachs, have a stake in Circle). In fact exchanges are one of the most profitable entities in the market (its like the bank in the casino, the bank always wins).  It can be expected that banks move in by taking over major exchanges or getting a stake of it. A non regulated transaction fee is the best to make money.

Update 180310: Well it seems the substantial drop and bull market is partly cause buy selling of a lot of BTC. One of the whales is the Mt Cox Trustee. In fact it is good news because this means a more distributed ownership of BTC. This will make the market more stable. If the large holders sell their BTC it will be much better. In the end it will help to get a higher price for BTC. In fact in four months time it did a rollercoaster and is now back on the same price. Don’t look at the price! There is much going on behind the scenes that makes BTC and other TOP cryptos even beter.

Update 180308: We have seen substantial drops and slow rises between the beginning of February and beginning of March. The TMC dropped below 400 Billion several times. This is all pretty normal for cryptos because the liquidity is still vert limited: People holding the cryptos and big ones selling when the price is right. What we can expect is that the volatility stays around. Hope there will be a better distribution of the holdings and that the value goes up gradually. Behind the scenes a lot is happening that potentially will change the monetary system. Finally the monetary system will include a number of cryptos, but it will take some years to be accepted. The unlimited number of ICOs pump the TMC and corrodes the crypto market. This is why we see the Bitcoin dominance does down. The security and exchange commission is investigating a number of ICO’s, this is good news. The crypto market will stay uncertain until the next wave of new money comes in. That is why the word HODL has a special meaning.

Update 180219: above prediction was based on the bull run of december 2017. The first 5 weeks of 2018 were terrible. We dropped to a 500 Billion TMC. Target for end April is between 800 Billion and 1 Trillion TMC.

Update 180101: We had a major crypto crash of 40%, Bitcoin cash has been added as a runner up and Ripple took off.

The Bitcoin cash change was an attack on the Cryptoworld in general (combined with other events) and a few people got very rich extremely fast. The TMC dropped from 654 to 418 Billion in just 31 hours. That is really amazing.  The speed of cryptos and the way they go are really rollercoasters.  If you are in, enjoy the ride and welcome in the CryptoWorld !

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