Update 2018-47

We all know by now that the price of BTC was boring (hovering around 6300) but last week there was a direction and that was down.

The internal war about hashing with Bitcoin Cash didn’t work out very well. Bitcoin Cash will be dumped by a lot of holders.

This supports our previous statement that the complete cryptomarket was driven by the possibility to initiate ICO’s and abusing the Etherium platform.

The upward trend in Etherium was caused by scammers. To get in to the ICO market, you had to buy Bitcoin.

Now the price is around 5.080 US$ and it is expected that the price will drop further.

The price is looking for a bottom but has not found it yet.

Lets forget the expected bull run for this year, this run will not come. We have to wait another year to get something moving. The only thing that can move the crypto market is a financial crisis where Bitcoin can be seen as a digital safe haven. As it was called earlier before: Gold 2.0

It has all the properties of Gold but then better (you can move it fast and storage is for free). The protection is something else 🙂

Lets wait and look what changes will emerge.